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Title: Connecting your iPhone® to the wireless network

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What is the iPhone®?

iPhone® is one of the most in demand gadget in the market today.  It supports the latest wireless technology so people can browse the Internet, download files and stream videos at remarkable speeds whenever and wherever.

Using wireless connection, you can enjoy the following benefits and more:

Connecting your iPhone® to the wireless network is fast and easy using your Linksys router.  You just need to know the wireless settings such as Network Name (SSID), Security Mode and Password.  If you don't have your wireless settings, access your router's web-based setup page.  To do this, enter "" on the Address bar of a web browser.  Enter your router's username and password.  Go to Wireless tab > Manual

Connecting your iPhone® to a wireless network

For a video instruction on how to connect iPhone® to the wireless network, click here.

Step 1:
On your Home screen, tap .

Step 2:
Tap Wi-Fi.

Step 3:
Make sure the Wi-Fi is switched ON then tap your router’s wireless network name (SSID).

You might wonder why the 5 GHz networks are not visible on the list.  This is because the iPhone® versions prior to the iPhone 5 can only detect the 2.4 GHz wireless network.  This includes your 2.4 GHz Guest network if it is enabled on your Linksys device.

Step 4:
Enter your router’s wireless security key or password and tap Join.  If your wireless network is unsecured, your iPhone® should be able to connect to it after tapping your wireless network name.

Your iPhone® should now be able to access the Internet.  However, if you encounter the error message “Incorrect password”, tap Dismiss and re-enter your password correctly and remember that it is case-sensitive.

Other things to remember

If you are having problems connecting your iPhone® to your wireless network, try to do any of the following:

Once you’ve successfully connected the iPhone® to the wireless network, you can now explore a lot of possibilities to fully optimize the product while it’s connected to your router.  With it you can check the wireless settings while sitting on the front porch, stream movies in your bedroom or even print while baking your favorite cookies.  Click on the links provided for instructions:

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