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Title: Installing the PLW400

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This article will guide you in installing your Linksys PLW400 Powerline AV Wireless Network Extender.  To know more about the Linksys PLW400, click here.

Electrical wiring runs through your home or office, carrying power to electrical outlets in every room.  The typical wired Ethernet network uses Ethernet network cables to connect your wired network devices.  A Powerline network uses your existing household wiring.

To install your Linksys PLW400, click on the links below:

Setting up Powerline network
Tips for smooth installation
Connecting your PLW400
Setting up advanced security

Setting up Powerline network

To create your Powerline network, use two or more Powerline adapters.  Each device on your Powerline network requires a connection (either wired or wireless) to a Powerline adapter.  Your PLW400 contains one Ethernet port and a wireless access point. You can connect one wired device and several wireless devices to it.

To set up your Powerline network, you should ensure the following:

• Make sure you already have Internet access and a working home Powerline network.  To know more about Powerline networking, click here.

• Make sure that the wireless devices that you want to connect to the PLW400 have a working wireless feature.  An easy way to test this is to first try to connect the wireless network device to your home’s wireless router while near the router.

The diagram below shows a basic house Powerline network.


NOTE:  The router upstairs is connected to a Powerline adapter (PLE400), which is plugged into an electrical outlet. Downstairs, the gaming console and a computer are connected to the PLW400, which is plugged into an electrical outlet.  Using the household wiring of the home, the router expands the local network to include the gaming console and desktop computer in the living room.  Internet access, files, and printers can be shared between the computers and other networked devices.  For online gaming, you can play downstairs in the comfort of your living room, while using the high-speed Internet connection of the router and modem upstairs.

Tips for smooth installation

• If possible, connect Powerline adapters directly to a wall power outlet, and not to an extension cord, power strip, or surge protector.
• If a Powerline adapter must be installed onto a power strip, make sure that no other electronic devices are connected to the same power strip.
• If possible, position the PLW400 near the wireless devices that you want to connect.
• Avoid obstructions (such as metal file cabinets, mirrors, and thick walls) between the PLW400 and any wireless device you want to connect.

Connecting your PLW400

After you have a basic Powerline network set up, you can now install and connect your PLW400 anywhere in your home.  To connect your PLW400, follow the steps below:

NOTE:  You can also set up and configure all of your Linksys Powerline devices using the configuration utility.  To know how to do this, click here.

Step 1:
Make sure that the power switch on the right side is set to I (ON).


Step 2:
If your home network already has security set up, proceed with the following steps.  To know how to connect a Linksys device using Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM (WPS), click here.

Step 1:
Connect the PLW400 to a power outlet near your main wireless router.


Step 2:
On the PLW400, press and hold the Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM  button for at least one (1) second, until the Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM LED  flashes.


Step 3:
Within two (2) minutes, press the Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM  button on your wireless router.  The PLW400 retrieves the security settings from the router and connects to your wireless network.  Proceed to do the next step.

NOTE:  It is important to check your router’s wireless settings on the web-based based setup page as the previous settings of your router may change once you press the Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM button.  To learn how to check your router’s wireless settings, click here.


NOTE:  The location of the Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM button may vary depending on the router model.

Step 3:
Move your PLW400 to a power outlet near the wireless network device(s) you want to connect.  Typically, this area is not covered well by your home’s wireless network router.

NOTE:  The Powerline LED  flashes, and then stays on when the connection to the rest of the Powerline network is finished.  Your home’s wireless network is now available in the area surrounding the PLW400.

Step 4:
Connect your wireless network device to the wireless network in the usual manner.  For instructions, see your wireless network device’s user documentation.

The PLW400’s Wireless LED  flashes, and then stays on when a wireless network device successfully connects to your network.

Setting up advanced security

To configure your network adapter with advanced security, follow the steps below:

NOTE:  The devices connected to the Powerline adapters will temporarily lose Internet connection during the security setup.

Step 1:
On one of the existing Powerline adapters (i.e. PLE400) that already have advanced security set up, press and hold the HomePlug Simple Connect  button for at least one second, until the Powerline LED  begins flashing slowly.

Step 2:
On your PLW400, press and hold the HomePlug Simple Connect  button for at least one (1) second, until the Powerline LED  begins flashing slowly.  When the LED stops flashing, the network key has been shared with the PLW400.


NOTE:  The devices connected to the adapters will regain Internet access within five (5) minutes.  If you’re having difficulty connecting the adapters using the previous method, or if you’d like to set more advanced options, you can use the configuration utility.  Click here to find out how.

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