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Title: Encountering problems when installing or updating the wireless adapter drivers on a Windows XP computer

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Updating the drivers would give you the best performance for your Linksys wireless adapter.  In case you’re having problems installing or updating the driver, you need to perform the following troubleshooting steps:

i.    Ensure that the adapter is detected by the computer
ii.   Uninstalling the previous drivers
iii.  Reinstalling the drivers

NOTE:  If your computer is running on Windows Vista or Windows 7, click here for instructions.  For Windows 8 and 8.1 users, click here.

Ensure that the adapter is detected by the computer

The adapter will only work if it is detected by the computer as one (1) of its peripheral devices.  One of the physical indications that the adapter is recognized by the computer is by checking the LED.  If the LED does not light up or indicate activity, it could mean that the adapter is not recognized by the computer.

Another way to check the adapter on your computer is by checking your Device Manager.  Follow the steps below to learn how to check your adapter device's status in Device Manager:

Step 1:
Right-click My Computer and select Properties.


Step 2:
Click the Hardware tab then Device Manager

Step 3:
Click the + sign beside Network adapters to expand.


IMPORTANT:  You should be able to see your adapter in the Network adapters section.  Otherwise, your adapter might not be inserted to the PCI slot/USB port or the adapter might not be installed properly.  To know how to reinstall your adapter's driver, click here.

Uninstalling the previous drivers

There are two (2) ways to uninstall the previous drivers of your wireless adapter:

i.    Through All Programs
ii.   Through the Device Manager

 Through All Programs

Step 1:
Click Start.  Select All Programs or Programs > Linksys Wireless Adapter.

Step 2:
Click Uninstall.


NOTE:  Wait for the Install Shield Wizard to complete before re-installing the drivers.

Reinstalling the drivers

To reinstall your wireless network adapter, use the driver downloaded from the Linksys Support Site.  For detailed instructions in reinstalling your adapter’s driver, click here.

IMPORTANT:  After reinstalling the driver, restart your computer and check the Device Manager if the driver is properly installed.

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