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Title: Upgrading the firmware of WAP610N

Article ID: 20526

Your WAP610N needs a firmware upgrade if you have at least one (1) of the following problems:

•    the Power light is flashing green
•    the Ethernet light is not lit up
•    the Wireless light is OFF

To upgrade the device’s firmware, click on the links below:

i.  Download the WAP610N firmware
ii. Access the web-based setup page

Download the WAP610N firmware

Step 1:
Visit the Linksys Support Site.  Enter “WAP610N” in the search field and press [Enter].

Step 2:
When the WAP610N page opens, click the Downloads tab and choose the version of your device from the Select Hardware Version drop-down menu.

Step 3:
Click the Download link under the Firmware category and wait until prompted to save the file.

Step 4:
Click Save on the prompt that appears.  Choose a location for the file and click Save.  When the download is complete, click Close.  For Macintosh® users, click Download in the dialog box that appears.  Once the download is complete, click the Red button to close the window.

QUICK TIP:  Save the file on the Desktop or any drive that will be easy to access once you will start the upgrade process.

Access the web-based setup page

Step 1:
Open the access point's web-based setup page.  To know how to access the WAP160N web-based setup page, click here.  If you are using a Mac® computer, click here for instructions.

Step 2:
Click the Administration tab and select the Firmware Upgrade sub-tab.

Step 3:
On the Firmware Upgrade tab, click the Browse… button to find the file that you have downloaded.

Step 4:
Click the Start to Upgrade button and follow the on-screen instructions.

IMPORTANT:  Do not turn OFF the power of your computer or access point or press the Reset button during the upgrade.



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